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Meet Our Residents


My name is Shawn. I enjoy bowling, weightlifting, and helping out on my family's farm whenever I get the chance. I am very strong, funny, and a real gentleman. I have a low reading level; however, that does not stop me from collecting Goosebumps books. I like living at ONI because it helps me learn how to go places on my own. Shawn is the "muscle" for the book store.


Leigh is one of the 3 ladies at the Our Neighbor Inc house for ladies. She loves it there alot. When asked her favorite thing about Our Neighbor Inc, she says She loves the residents, Her her roomies and especially her caregiver Tammy. Though she has a small disability of learning to manage money, she has a wonderful job which she loves at Kroger. Leighs freetime consist of being with her room mates and story writing. Many of her stories are read online. Another thing she loves is dragons. "It would be great if dragons would be pets." She said.


My name is Dhiren. I enjoy Special Olympics, swimming, sports, cleaning/organizing, cooking, playing video games, drawing, exercising, watching DVDs, bible study, reading, and adding to my collection of DC comic books. I am accommodating when it comes to people who cannot do as much as I can, a perfectionist when it comes to work and getting things done, and compassionate toward both two and four legged creatures (I volunteer at the animal shelter occasionally). I like living at ONI because I can live independently, and it gives me an opportunity to grow and develop more independent living skills.
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Alan heard about Our Neighbor Inc. from his sister and is now loving it for many reasons. For instance, he feels that he is more independent and he loves his caregiver as well as his room mates. Though he has Spina Bifida, he does not let that get in the way of enjoying life. He likes listening to music and watching tv in his free time. "Comedies are my favourite," he says. He also is teaching himself to play the guitar. Allen doesn't have any pets as of right now.


My name is Billy. I enjoy participating in Special Olympics, hanging out with friends, and riding the bus - particularly to the mall. I was born with a learning disability that followed me through high school (I graduated with a special education diploma); but now, I seem to have outgrown it. I am very polite, supportive, and easy to get along with. I like living at ONI because it is almost like a great big family. I can speak to anyone if I have a problem, and the group is very encouraging to me.


Leanna lives at the Girls' house at ONI and enjoys it a lot. She loves her roommates and her caregiver who love her right back and lovingly call her "Lil Bit." She also loves the surrounding city area. She does not let her learning disability get in her way of living. She has a job of working for Li'l Caesar's Pizza. During her free time you can find her catching up on her beauty sleep, walking around the neighbourhood and listening to music. "My favorite is country music," she says. Of course you can always find her socializing and catching up with her fellow roommates. She has two dogs at her mom's house. She hopes to get a dog herself one day. One of Leanna's many talents include singing. Leanna would like all to know that she is a cancer survivor.



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